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Color DNA Authentication

Your Lalande ColorDNA Authentication provides you with a foolproof solution to harmonize your entire presence, from your hair, cosmetics, wardrobe and accessories, right down to the color of your shoes (which impact brightness of your eyes).

ColorDNA Color-coding Cards

  • Your 16 best colors for your principal wardrobe,
  • Your 16 best colors for accents and accessories,
  • Your worst colors,
  • Your most ideal color for your hair, including details of highlights and low-lights,
  • Your best cosmetic shades for your entire makeup palette, and
  • Your ideal eyebrow color.

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Complimentary ColorDNA Analysis

  • 2 of your best Colors for your accessories and 2 for your principal wardrobe,
  • 2 of your worst Colors, and
  • For women, your best and worst lipstick shade.

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Lalande ColorDNA Personal Authentication with Pierre Lalande
Complete Color DNA Authentication: including cut and color, and a 30-minute consultation where you will learn how to find your own color balance in hair, make-up, and wardrobe.

You will receive your authenticated shades and colors that will work for you for a lifetime! You will also receive professional digital ‘before and after’ photographs.

Allow a minimum of 3 hours for appointment.

To get on Pierre’s waiting list please make an appointment by e-mailing or calling 416-703-1098.

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Lalande Color DNA: Color leads the way
Already an international best seller, Lalande Color DNA: Color leads the way is Pierre’s philosophy in book format! Learn how color affects all aspects of your life — not just your appearance, but how you feel and interact with the world.
Paperback (Amazon U.S.)
USA Kindle version ($2 US)

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