Lalande ColorDNA Preview

Discovering the authentic you… Is as easy as 1-2-3

To get your complimentary personalized ColorDNA Preview:

1. Take a photo of your eye in natural daylight

2. Take a photo of your wrist in natural daylight

3. Send photos with the following info to:

  • Name
  • Gender:    are you Male [ ] or Female [ ]
  • Age group:    Under 20 [ ]    20-30 [ ]     30-45 [ ]     45-60 [ ]      60+ [ ]

Your Lalande ColorDNA Preview includes:

  • 2 of your best Colors for your accessories and 2 for your principal wardrobe,
  • 2 of your worst Colors, and
  • For women, your best and worst lipstick shade.

You may expect a response within 2 business days.

Complete Lalande ColorDNA Authentication

Your Lalande ColorDNA Authentication provides you with a foolproof solution to harmonize your entire presence, from your hair, cosmetics, wardrobe and accessories, right down to the color of your shoes.

This system takes the guess work out of what to wear and what colors work best for you, giving you peace of mind.

$97 For men and women.

To order your complete ColorDNA Authentication, send the same info as above (photo of your eye, photo of your inner wrist, name, sex, and age group) along with your PayPal  receipt number to

Lalande ColorDNA Personal Authentication with Pierre Lalande

kag_Photo 2014-10-16, 11 32 01 AMComplete ColorDNA authentication: hair cut and color, plus a 30-minute consultation where you will learn how to find your own color balance in hair, make-up, and wardrobe.

You will receive your authenticated shades and colors that will work for you for a lifetime! You will also receive a professional digital “Before & After” photo, if you choose.

Allow a minimum of 3 hours for appointment.

To get on Pierre’s waiting list, please make an appointment by e-mailing or calling 416-703-1098.

Get the book!

lcdna_bookLalande ColorDNA the book is available now at Amazon.

Pierre will show you how color impacts you in a way you have never imagined! Learn how to use color for business, wellness, and beauty.