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Lalande ColorDNA

 Your Personal Head to Toe Guide to Defining the Authentic You

Pierre Lalande is the creator of the Lalande ColorDNA and The Color DNA Experience that teaches you how to consciously use color to look your best.

People subconsciously judge you within 15 seconds, based on color and first impressions. In fact colour first, style second…is what people notice.

The colors you wear can make you look younger, refreshed and revitalized. Believe it or not, wearing your right colored shoes will significantly impact on your eyes and balances your silhouette.

The Lalande Color DNA Authenticated System

The Lalande Color DNA Personal Authentication is all you need. This fail-proof system has been scientifically designed to take the guesswork out of wearing & choosing ideal colors for your wardrobe, cosmetics, hair color, décor or even your next car.

Authentication (a color profiling system) consists of an initial analysis of your skin and eye tones to determine your personal color profile. The results are created through a scientific analysis of the RGB tones of your skin and your eye color pigmentation.

Your color DNA guidelines will last you a lifetime. Save time and money, using this proven system will help you create the best impression, every time. I’ll help you to avoid the color traps that could limit you personally and professionally.

Why does Color DNA work?

  • It’s based on science, not luck
  • Identifies emotional values of color
  • Gives you a system that lasts a lifetime
  • Save time & money with a color optimized wardrobe.

His inspiring insights will save you lots of time, save thousands of dollars and give you worry free wardrobe. He’ll teach you how the colors you wear make you look younger, refreshed and revitalized.  Find out how wearing your right colored shoes will significantly impact on your eyes. Receive the benefits in improved relationships, morale and overall health by living in your authentic color profile. It’s all about color and it’s all about you.

Find out what colours say about you.